Herbalife Nutrition Ltd is a global nutrition company. The MyHerbalife develops and sells weight management products, healthy meals and snacks, sports and fitness products, specialty nutritional and energy products, and personal care products.


Its operating segments are based on geographic activities in six regions: North America; Mexico; South and Central America; Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); Asia-Pacific (excluding China), and China. The company divides its products into five groups: weight control, targeted nutrition, energy, exercise and fitness, external nutrition and literature, advertising, and others. Product categories include meal replacements; Protein shakes; Mixes for beverages; Herbal diets and food supplements, facial care; Personal hygiene; Haircare products; Sales tools, and training materials.


Diet and protein drinks, as well as protein bars, aloe vera, teas, vitamins, exercise hydrates, energy, and personal care products, are available from Herbalife Nutrition. Herbalife products are manufactured in the Company’s five factories in the United States and China, as well as by third parties.

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MyHerbalife will be a reference site for managing your real-life online. You can order all the products with your discount and send them directly to the customer. You do not have to be responsible for shipping the package. Occurs within 2-4 business days. You can track DPD delivery on Wrestling is a very profitable business in a way, it doesn’t charge a price!

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Members can purchase Herbalife products at a reduced price. At first, your discount is around 25%. The more you sell, the greater your discount, up to a maximum of 50%.