Volume Point

Herbalife is represented in 94 countries around the world and probably yours as well. The company was founded in 1980 by the late and great Mark Hughes. Mark was fully committed to helping people lead happier, healthier, and richer lifestyles.


Herbalife is more than the world leader in nutrition. It is also a company vehicle that you can use to get around if you wish.

Herbalife offers ordinary men and women the opportunity to earn extraordinary wealth. Of course, MyHerbalife is not a pyramid scheme. The company only pays for the sale of the products.


Detail Information About Volume Point And Its Types

An Herbalife Volume Point is a point assigned to each Herbalife product and corresponding to each country in the world. These points are used to qualify for commissions and bonuses. Does your employer pay for the work of your colleagues at your workplace? Of course not, right? Well, Herbalife pays Distributors between 25 and 50 percent of every sale made by their team members and Preferred Distributors. Herbalife is truly a business model where people help others. The more people you support to get what they want, the more they will ultimately help you get what you want.

Herbalife fill point types

When looking at my Herbalife Volume Points List, we need to understand the types of Volume Points you will receive as a Distributor.

  • PPV or personally purchased volume: These are Volume Points that you earn directly when you purchase products on the Herbalife website with your own Herbalife ID number. You will receive this number when you register.
  • DLV also known as downline volume: Your downstream volume is the volume of product orders from your underserved downstream distributors that were purchased at a 25-42% discount. Your downline orders your products with their own Herbalife ID number.
  • OV or Organizational Volume: Your Organizational Volume is the Herbalife Volume Points generated by all your managers at three managerial levels. You can earn a license replacement bonus of up to 5%. You will receive these bonuses once you reach the rank of Supervisor.